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A Recent History of English Port Smuggling

A Recent History of English Port Smuggling

In 2014 the Port of Dover was the eighth-busiest port in the United Kingdom. 25.3 million tonnes of freight traffic passed through the Port of Dover during 2014. In fact, Dover is the busiest ferry port in Europe. As a leading Dover Port parking company, we can confirm that life can get a little hectic during peak travel periods due to the sheer volume of people passing through the Port. During 2014, an incredible 13 million passengers and 2.5 million vehicles passed through the Port of Dover.

However, not all of this traffic adhered to the laws of the United Kingdom. In this post we outline some of the more nefarious actions on behalf some of the people who passed through English ports during 2014.


English port seizures during 2014

During 2014, the ‘Border Agency’ seized millions of pounds worth of illegal cargo passing through English ports. Figures detailing illegal importations were reported by the Government and republished below.

Illicit drug seizures

The volume of drugs seized through English ports during 2014 is reported as follows:

  • 12904 kilograms of Cannabis Herbal in 2143 seizures
  • 12049 kilograms of Anabolic Steroids in 559 seizures
  • 3472 kilograms of Cannabis Resin in 248 seizures
  • 2612 kilograms of Cocaine in 616 seizures
  • 609 kilograms of Heroin in 134 seizures
  • 489 kilograms of Ecstasy in 136 seizures
  • 221 kilograms of Ketamine in 105 seizures
  • 213 kilograms of Amphetamines in 88 seizures
  • 8 kilograms of Morphine in 17 seizures
  • 4 kilograms of LSD in 3 seizures

Tobacco and cigarette seizures

The volume of cigarettes and tobacco seized through English ports during 2014 is reported as follows:

  • 431 million stick cigarettes - worth £130.8 million
  • 206,972 kilograms of rolling tobacco - worth £48,5 million

Alcohol seizures

The volume of alcohol seized through English ports during 2014 is reported as follows:

  • 1.6 million litres of spirits - worth £20.6 million
  • 10.5 million litres of wine - worth £34.1 million
  • 989,744 litres of cider - worth £475,077
  • 29.9 million litres of beer - worth £28 million


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