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Guide to Dover-to-Calais Ferry Parking

Guide to Dover-to-Calais Ferry Parking

In recent years travelling to Calais via Dover’s ferry terminal has become a rights-of-passage for millions of Brits in search of cheap cigarettes and alcohol. Many other passengers simply wish to take advantage of this fantastic journey in order to gain access to parts of Europe not served with an airport. If you choose to travel by ferry, many of you will require short-to-medium term parking facilities, either in Dover or Calais. In this post, we discuss your parking options on both sides of the channel.

Parking Options in Dover

When it comes to Dover port parking you really won’t beat Relyon. Here at Relyon we offer an affordable yet highly secure parking facility for cars, vans, trucks, lorries, buses, motorbikes and vans. We charge either on a ‘linear’ or long-term basis. Linear charging is when we apply a daily rate currently set at £5.25. This is ideal for tourists and business visitors who plan to visit Calais or surrounding areas for a period less than two weeks. If you plan on visiting Calais for an extended period of time please call Relyon direct on 01304 201 227 and are able to quote you a discounted rate.

Parking Options in Calais


Calais parking ferry


Many of you visiting Calais by ferry may also transport your vehicle along with you. Thus, many of you will require parking facilities in Calais. Now we outline parking options in Calais.

In Calais there exists three principal parking options:

  1. P5 “Kiss and ride”/very short stay parking – this is located outside the Passenger Terminal when you arrive in Calais. This is ideal if you merely plan to purchase a ferry ticket for your return leg to Dover. This is because the first thirty minutes are free of charge. However after the initial thirty minutes this parking facility charges a premium. For instance for four hours parking you can expect to pay a staggering €23. Therefore, this parking facility should be reserved for merely purchasing your ferry ticket and nothing more. Far more cost effective options are available elsewhere
  2. P6 Long stay parking – this parking facility is located within a three-minute walk from the Passenger Terminal. The first two hours of parking are free. You are able to store your vehicle here for as little as €5 for an initial twenty-four hour period. Even a week’s worth of parking is highly affordable at only €29. This parking facility will suit the needs of most tourists or those wishing to visit the United Kingdom for a short trip. However, this facility only facilitates 80 vehicles. During peak season this parking facility fills up fast and so you may need to look elsewhere
  3. P2 “Mid stay” parking – this facility is located within a five-minute walk from the Passenger Terminal. This facility is entirely free for port users. However you are only permitted to use this parking facility for a maximum of seven days. Once you have exhausted this period you must move your vehicle or risk a penalty. The major caveat of this parking facility is that no security is provided. If you own a performance or other high valued vehicle you may consider looking elsewhere since your car is not subject to any security measures whatsoever.

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