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Folkestone Secure Parking

Do you plan to travel to Europe through Folkestone in the near future? If so you will likely require secure parking facilities for the duration of your visit. For your information, Relyon Group is the largest provider of parking facilities in the Folkestone area. We offer ultra-secure and reliable parking facilities for all types of vehicle including cars, buses, coaches, vans, mobile homes, caravans, HGVs and motorcycles.

This service is ideal for people looking to secure their vehicle whilst travelling in Europe. The majority of our customers are tourists who are looking to access Europe via Eurotunnel or ferry. This service in Folkestone is ideal for both long and short parking. Because we offer ‘round the clock’ CCTV and security patrol coverage, you gain the complete piece of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands for the entire duration of your European travels. We also offer a ‘shuttle’ service between our parking facility to both the ferry terminal in Dover and the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone.

Do you plan to travel to Europe via Eurotunnel?

Eurotunnel transports well over a million people each year between mainland European and the United Kingdom. Folkestone is the United Kingdom’s ‘gateway to European’ for more than seventy percent of these people. This means there is a massive demand for affordable yet highly secure parking facilities in Folkestone. Fortunately, at Relyon we offer a state-of-the-art parking facility to meeting this demand. And for as little as £5.25 you can store your vehicle at our highly secure facility for an incredible twenty-four-hour stretch. You can park your vehicle at our Folkestone facility for a fraction of the cost incurred when you choose to transport your vehicle over to Europe via Eurotunnel.

Our parking facility is located two miles away from Folkestone’s Eurotunnel terminal. Once you park your vehicle, you are then transported to Eurotunnel's main terminal in Folkestone via shuttle bus. A shuttle bus will return you to your vehicle upon your return to the United Kingdom.

Security is our primary concern

When you choose to park your vehicle with Relyon Group you are assured the highest standards of security are upheld. Our facility is surrounded by an ultra-secure perimeter fence. This stops vandals and thieves entering our premises and damaging your vehicle. Our entire facility is under the watchful eye of an ultra-modern ANPR CCTV system. We also provide a security patrol to keep an eye on your vehicle twenty-four hours and seven days a week. This gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe and secure whilst you are out of the country.  All of this for an incredible £5.25 per day!

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