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Advantages of Travelling to Europe by Ferry

Advantages of Travelling to Europe by Ferry

Thanks to ‘airport’ taxes and other charges, the cost of air travel has risen sharply in recent years. Airliner carriers’ profit margins have been increasingly squeezed, particularly as the price of kerosene continues to increase. This has forced many airline carriers to raise their prices, thus ‘passing on’ these costs to their customers. Some airline carriers have ‘gone to the wall’ thanks to high fuel charges and high taxes on what the Government considers an environmental unfriendly mode of travel.

For this reason, many a diligent traveller has shunned air travel in favour of cheaper and often more interesting modes of travel. One notable example is ferry travel. At Relyon Group we are happy to facilitate this trend. We’re an affordable and highly secure Dover Port parking company with a difference. Hundreds of thousands of Dover Port ferry passengers choose to park their vehicle at our ultra-secure facility each year.


In this post we explore the various advantages gained when you choose to travel to Europe by ferry.

#1. Kiss goodbye to long check-in waiting times

Unlike air travel, ferry travel typically does not require any check-in queues whatsoever. You thus commence your holiday without the unnecessary stress associated with check-in queues. Surely most of you will recognise this as a key advantage of travelling by ferry, particularly those of you with young children.

#2. No need to hire out a car you're unfamiliar with

Because ferry passengers are able to bring along their own vehicle to their intended destination, there is absolutely no reason to hire a substitute vehicle whilst travelling in Europe. When you travel by ferry you thus eliminate car-hire costs. You are also able to use a vehicle you are accustomed too throughout your European trip.

#3. Ferry travel is typically much cheaper than air travel

You can travel to Calais from Dover for as little as £39 each way. Even if you bring along your vehicle you typically only pay around £99. For an equivalent EasyJet flight, you could reasonably expect to pay double this amount, plus there is no option to bring along your vehicle! Furthermore, ferry companies do not complicate matters by charging a variety of additional extras. For instance, you may stuff your vehicle with as much luggage as your heart desires without incurring an additional ‘luggage charge’.

#4. Throw away those luggage weighing scales

When you travel by plane, you must adhere to strict luggage weight restrictions. If you wish to bring along additional luggage, the airline carrier will charge you for this 'privilege'. This is certainly not the case with ferry travel. You can bring along as much luggage as you please.

#5. You won't beat ferry travel when it comes to comfort

When you travel by air, you are severely restricted in terms of the amount of space you may occupy during your journey. When you travel by ferry you can wonder about and explore the ferry's various shops, cafes and entertainment offerings. You can stretch your legs, move about and generally enjoy an abundance of space. Most ferries also offer free Wi-Fi and movies!

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